Wednesday, February 22, 2006

DNA Festival at UI

2006 DNA Festival of Very,Very,Very Short Plays and Films
Wed.-Sunday, March 1-5, at 7:30 pm at UI's Kiva Theater in Moscow, Idaho
$10; $8, seniors; $5 for UI and WSU-affiliated folks and students and kids

21 one-page plays over five nights

Visit or call (208) 885-7212


  1. Bobo,
    I read Troy's comments about the commentary on Interplayers and Stepping Out this morning. Then it disappeared only to resurface in catacombs of the "Previous" section. What happened? It's a shame more people can't readily read what he had to say about his thoughts and his production. Is there any way to revive it or tag his comments onto a more recent article?

  2. Troy N. said:
    I feel like I need to respond to the comments and untruths appearing on the blog and let you know how they affect our project as well as the theatre community. We are trying to put on a show and I have assembled some of the most generous and dedicated actors in Spokane. They don’t care if you call them “professional” or “community theatre actors.” They just want to support InterPlayers and have fun.

    Here’s what runs through my mind when I walk into rehearsal every night. “Why did they say that? Where did they hear that? I bet I know who said that.” Let’s leave the decisions about cast size, costuming, and musicians (and we have one, who is also a character in the show) to the people doing the show, not the people on the blog. To attack a well-intentioned process is debilitating to say the least, and some of the company of this show are feeling it personally.

    Give InterPlayers a chance – it just might survive. I know two other theatres that recently went through a transition and it was people like me – and you – who rallied and were supportive.

    I never had an agenda with doing “Stepping Out.” “Firecracker” was not going to be done. I came in with a project I thought would be fun and sell well for the theatre.

    Those of you who know me know I’m no stranger to gossip, but this is getting out of hand. People are getting hurt and the process of theatre is being undermined. Please support us in staying focused on our show. I hope you come and see it.

    February 22, 2006 10:03 AM