Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bullshot Crummond at SFCC, June 1-11

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In the Bay Area of the late 1970s, Bullshot Crummond was legendary: an over-the-top farce that ran for years.
The plot has German evil genius Otto Von Brunno and his seductive wife Lenya trying to kidnap a mad scientist to get the formula for synthesizing precious gems, thereby achieving world domination — only to be prevented by our well-meaning but obtuse title hero. (Think Boris Badenov and Natasha kidnapping Einstein’s goofy brother, only to be foiled by none other than Dudley Do-Right.)
In one of the funniest bits, actor Walter Welch (playing both Otto and an Italian gangster named Salvatore Scalicio) gets involved in a lengthy conversation — with himself.
“We’re having a special rehearsal just to work that out,” says director Sara Edlin-Marlowe. “He passes through an arch upstage and goes from Otto to Scalicio and back again. We have two costumers back there helping him with the quick changes.”
Crummond, an aristocratic Englishman whose sleuthing ability fails to reach the heights of his own ego, actually tries awful disguises and even carrier pigeons to save the day.
As a crime-solver, he’s full of Bullshot.

Bullshot Crummond • Thursday-Saturday, June 1-3, and Wednesday-Saturday, June 7-10, at 7:30 pm; Sundays, June 4 and June 11, at 2 pm • Tickets: $6; $3, seniors, military and SFCC faculty and staff; free, SFCC students; $1 and a can of food (June 4 only) • SFCC, Spartan Theatre, Bldg. 5 • 3410 Fort George Wright Dr. • Visit: • Call: 533-4440


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