Friday, December 01, 2006

criticize the critic!

Saturday, Dec. 2, at 6 pm, "Backstage to Broadway" — channel 11 over the air in Spokane, channel 114 on Comcast cable

Bobo as your host, with an actor (Levi/Pharaoh) and a dancer (dance captain/Apache Dancer) from *Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat* along with eight students from Gonzaga in the first 15 minutes, and then the company manager and stage manager in the second half. (They'd endured a nightmare: 11-hour bus ride from Seattle the day before; stuck six hours in Snoqualmie Pass; pulled into Spokane at 6 pm for a 7:30 show; held the show for 40 mins. before the curtain finally went up. And somehow, it was good, energetic show.)

Bobo wants to state officially and for the record that during the first rehearsal for "Backstage to Broadway" (dry mouth, visibly spitting, fumbling through notes, hyperventilating, stumbling over words, mispronouncing the easiest things) that he wanted to run screaming from the studio and dig himself a deep hole.

As for subsequent results, here's a fun drinking game: gather some friends, get out your favorite bottle of tequila, and everybody does a shot every time Bobo stumbles over a word, smiles uneasily, looks at the wrong camera ... you get the idea. Make up your own rules! You'll quickly be intoxicated.
After that, the show will seem much more professional than it actually is.

If you miss the show (and I believe that as many as nearly two dozen people in the Spokane area are hooked up to channel 114), then you can catch it in a podcast for the next month or so, supposedly with links at and (and maybe at and, too). has info about what a podcast is and how to access it (it's helpful if you have iTunes, I gather)

Then you can download it and make fun of Bobo to your heart's content.

(Fun with trivia: Right before the red light went on for the second half, the stage manager had Bobo in stitches -- some joke about how widespread was the fornication in a touring company, and he comes back with they were in a bar last night with the cast from Disney on Ice, The Incredibles, and it was each man for himself, baby ...)


  1. Watch the dancer's eyes get big -- her name is Sterling Masters -- when I ask about her helping Pharaoh/Elvis with his hip thrusts.

    (Ah, could you rephrase that, please?)

  2. Go to
    top of screen, click on Podcasts
    scroll down to Arts & Entertainment (video version)
    assuming you have QuickTime, it takes about 15 minutes to load
    or you can just the following link, which will take you directly to it:

    On the KXLY Podcasts page, right next to the full show, there's also a one-minute "B-roll" of *Hairspray* with Bobo doing intro and voiceover and smiling awkwardly

  3. For the record, the interviewees were

    Matthew O'Brien as Levi/Pharaoh
    Sterling Masters as Apache Dancer/Dance Captain

    Jason Daunter, stage manager
    Michael Cedar, company manager