Monday, March 12, 2007

Arts and Stats in Spokane

According to an EWU report ("The Economic Impact of the Arts in Spokane County") to be presented to the Spokane City Council tonight, there were nearly three-quarters of a million paid admissions to arts events in Spokane County in 2005 (to be exact, 737,291).
Nearly 20 percent of attendees were from outside Spokane County. (Bobo speculates that this would break down as roughly about 10 percent from Kootenai County and about 2 percent each from a couple other counties in Washington and Idaho each. But he's following up with the number-crunching economists.)
Forty-three percents of paid admissions were for the performing arts (split among music, dance, theater and opera), with 27 percent from visual arts exhibits, 23 percent from festivals and fairs, and 7 percent from all the rest (youth and adult education, literary arts, etc.).
What Bobo wants to know: That 737,000 figure is an aggregate. But how many unique attendees were there? (In other words, how many distinct people make a habit of attending arts-related events in Spokane?) And what proportion of those go to theater? Is it really true that the same 2,000 or 4,000 people go to theater events around here — or not?

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