Tuesday, June 26, 2007

another kind of Assassin

Gruesome, but ... if you ask Bobo ... Chris Benoit, the pro wrestler who just killed his wife and son and then himself? Looks just like George Green on steroids.
And 'roids are indeed implicated in the case.
Benoit was 5-foot-10, 220 lbs.
Take George Green, add a couple of inches, 70 lbs. and one of those belts with the gigantic buckles ... and you've got a stone-cold killer.
Sick, I know, but ya gotta admit ... there's a resemblance.


  1. What on earth possessed you to post something like this, Michael? I don't know how George feels...and his feelings are what matter...but I am deeply offended by this post...and what the hell it has to do with theatre, I can't imagine.

  2. It's a horrific case. I know George, and there is no way he would murder anyone.
    But the first reaction of dozens of people in Spokane, both in theater and in publishing — when they look at that killer's picture — will be to think (facially, at least), "That looks a lot like George Green."

    Suppose I myself had a strong facial resemblance to that serial killer who was here, Robert Yates. His picture's plastered everywhere. Would I get tired of people pointing out the resemblance? Yes. Would I think that people figured, on the basis of the facial similarity, that therefore I was a killer? No. Better to point out the resemblance and be done with it.

  3. tHANK U jEAN.

  4. Sorry, Michael, but Jean's right. I rarely get offended enough to post on one of these, but this really is beyond the pale. It's a cheap, pointless attempt to draw meaning from resemblance. George (who can certainly speak for himself here if he chooses) doesn't deserve to have his performance or likeness linked to a scandal d'jour, the Benoit family doesn't deserve to have their tragedy trivialized, and your readers deserve better than this pseudo social commentary.

    Shame on you.

  5. How can you possibly rationalize an excercise in such extreme poor taste.George Green who is a very talented actor, wonderful husband and father of two does not diserve it.Michael this is not a journalist high point for you.I'm sure you didn't intend to be offensive but this is.

  6. A double murder and suicide is a sad, sad event.
    A couple of the photos of Chris Benoit that I've seen after the intial reports had only a vague resemblance to George Green.
    What I intended to point out was that a couple of the the initial photos had a strong facial resemblance to George.
    I'd be very surprised if I'm the only person around here who registered that facial resemblance.
    Just because there's a facial resemblance does not mean that there's any similarity of physique or character.
    BUT ...
    It's OK to leave some thoughts unexpressed. I shouldn't put every little thought I have on this blog, and I should have kept my mouth shut on this one.
    I regret causing offense, and I apologize.