Sunday, June 03, 2007

averting a disturbing trend

With the closing of ComedySportz Spokane in late March and the difficulties imposed on Ignite! Community Theater by much-increased rental fees at the Riverwalk complex on Trent Avenue, Bobo's reminded of how we all (himself included) need to support local theater by actually getting out and volunteering and paying to see shows.


  1. Wow, it's about time someone in the media noticed ComedySportz closing. This is the first coverage it has recieved. Kind of sad when you consider every Civic, ART, and Interplayers show is reviewed by both major publications, and ComedySportz (and improv in general) is essentially ignored. It's no wonder it went out of business, nobody knew it existed. I'm surprised that Blue Door Theatre isnt having the same problem.

  2. The Blue Door Theatre is not having the same problem because it is operated completely different then Comedy Sportz was. The Blue Door Theatre is a non-profit theatre and can have fundraisers and donations come in to help keep the door open. Comedy Sportz was a for-profit business and could not take advantage of some of the great things a non-profit can. Every person at the Blue Door is a volunteer, including those who perform. Everyone is involved because they love improv. It is a great thing! The Blue Door appreciates all of the support Spokane has shown over its 11 years here and hopes for many more to come!

  3. Also understand why theatres have to do some safe choices to bring in money.