Thursday, August 09, 2007

casting at Actors Rep

Contrary to what one portion of Actors Rep's recent mail-out brochure says, David Ogden Stiers (*MASH,*, the voice of Jumba in *Lilo and Stitch*) will not be appearing in *Long Day's Journey Into Night* — he got a movie, and, unless we're grossly misinformed about Equity scale and what ARt pays its actors, we're pretty sure that Hollywood cuts bigger paychecks.

*All the Great Books (abridged)" will open Aug. 24 with, as previously announced here, a cast of Patrick Treadway, Reed McColm and Carter J. Davis (*Humble Boy* at ARt). Wes Deitrick will direct. It'll be the first-ever ARt production in which Michael Weaver is not involved either as director or actor.

For *LDJiN* (Sept. 21-Oct. 6), Davis (in his third consecutive ARt production, which is a new world record) and Damon Mentzer will play the two Tyrone sons. Weaver went to Seattle recently to audition actresses for the part of Mary Tyrone; Wes Deitrick will play patriarch James Tyrone.

The Thanksgiving play, Stephen Temperley's *Souvenir* (Nov. 23-Dec. 8) — about Florence Foster Jenkins, the wealthy matron who rented out opera auditoriums in the 1930s and '40s because she was convinced, incorrectly, that she could sing beautifully — will feature Karen Nelsen, who played the title role in *Mrs. Warren's Profession* at ARt two years ago.

Four of the five roles in *Rabbit Hole* (next January) have been cast: Weaver and Page Byers (*How the Other Half Loves,* "Blithe Spirit* at ARt) as the grieving husband and wife; Caryn Hoaglund as Izzy, the wacky sister; Jimmy James Pendleton as the high school kid who caused the family's tragedy; and the Tyne Daly role of the mother/mother-in-law/grandmother has yet to be cast. Tralen Doler (who directed *Moonlight and Magnolias* last season at ARt and appeared in *Dirty Blonde* and in *The Dazzle* in previous seasons) will direct.

The April play will spoof Steve and Edie Gorme: It's called *Pete 'n' Keely" ... check out


  1. Nothing with Patty Duke?

  2. They will do just fine without her.

  3. Curt Olds looks hot. Is he coming for Pete 'n' Keely? Bobo, What do you know about him?

  4. I am sure "they will do just fine without her", that was not my question.
    I was just suprised that she will not be in one of their productions, as I heard she was great in "Humble Boy" and that is was a great success.

  5. Karen Nelsen will play the role of Mary Tyrone.

  6. Curt Olds is WAY hot and fantastic!! How did we get him in Spokane??!! Can't wait for this show!!