Wednesday, March 26, 2008

criticize the critic and review the reviewer ... for real

*Inlander* photographer Tammy Marshall shot the cast of *The Foreigner* at the Civic the other night and let slip a remark about Bobo's doing *The Zoo Story* next month.
Yeah, well, maybe we'll start our own blog, came the reply (evidently).
I think — sincerely — that would be really healthy for all concerned.
Good for us to hear whatever criticisms; good for viewers to compose their thoughts by, say, midnight that night.
Opening night is Thursday, April 24, at 8 pm at Empyrean; it's just a 50-minute show, leaving plenty of time for playgoers to post to this blog (I'll create a dummy entry) a review of Russo and Bowen's production.
Fourth and final performance: Sunday, April 27, at 4 pm.
Oh, sure, there will be the insulting one-liner potshots. But I'm talking about a crafted review with specific assertions.
I hope that you — you there, sitting at your computer right now — will write it.

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