Monday, March 17, 2008

interpreting *Conversations in Tusculum*

a new play by Richard Nelson (*Some Americans Abroad*; *Two Shakespearean Actors*; *New England*; several adaptations of Chekhov, Pirandello and others; now head of playwriting at Yale Drama School), set in 45 B.C., but in modern dress, now through March 30 at NY's Public Theatre, with a cast that includes Brian Dennehy, Aidan Quinn, Gloria Reuben, David Strathairn and Maria Tucci.
Listen to Strathairn's speech at

Couldn't the Syrians stand in for Islamofascists, and Caesar for Bush, so that the whole speech _endorses_ Bush's "war against terrorism"? But then I don't know the play or its full context. My hunch is that I've misinterpreted -- but can others clarify?

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