Thursday, July 31, 2008

*Doubt: A Parable* cast

Sept. 19-Oct. 4 at ARt (SFCC's Spartan Theatre)
by John Patrick Shanley
directed by TBA
with Jane Fellows (who also played a Mother Superior in *Agnes of God*) as Sister Aloysius, Aaron Murphy (who has Berkeley Rep credits) as Father Flynn, Jane May (*Humble Boy*) as Sister James, Rebecca Davis (*Anton in Show Business* at Interplayers) as Mrs. Muller


  1. I am sorry BUT I am truly disappointed. I do not know this Jane Fellows but this is the role that Patty Duke was meant to play.
    And no I am not making FUN of Patty Duke in any way shape or form. Was Patty Duke asked? Do you know if she is going to do a different play this upcoming season (for any of the local theaters)?
    Please Bobo can you answer my questions...

  2. Please note that Ms. Duke is no longer involved with ART. She is on the board in name only. Ask her.

  3. While I understand you enjoy Ms. Duke's work, give others a chance. Jane Fellows is a WONDERFUL actress, and you may decide she is just as perfect in the role.

  4. Well that is a shame.
    I do not know her personally so I can not ask her.
    Do you know her or the reason she is no longer involved with ART?)
    What about my second question,
    Do you know if she is going to do a different play this upcoming season for any of the local theaters?

  5. wow, are you a freaking stalker or what? Mrs Duke will perform when she wants to and you'll see it in an article I am sure so give it a rest! until then go rent some videos.

  6. I think the person was asking a good question wanting to know about upcoming events.
    Why cant someone enjoy Patty Duke's work and not be a stalker?
    Maybe the person is just a fan and misses seeing her perform.

  7. Can you confirm this rumor I heard? I heard that Patty Duke and Carter Davis were supposed to be in it with Jane May as a sort of Humble Boy reunion. But carter dropped out and so Patty dropped out. Is that true?

  8. Nope, not true. Ms. Duke is not affiliated with the theatre and has not been for quite some time.