Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kushner hits jackpot

Tony Kushner has been awarded a $200,000 playwriting prize. (That's worth 20 of them Pulitzers.)
Read all about it here in the *New York Times*, which explains all about the Steinberg Distinguished Playwright Award, which is to be given biennially, with a pair of $50K grants going out to early-career playwrights in the alternating years.

Neither half of *Angels in America* is performed as often as they should be, in Bobo's HO ... though even taking *Homebody/Kabul* and "Caroline, or Change* into account -- good as they are -- Kushner has not had the _extended_ impact on _mainstream_ theater-production habits as, for example and at various times, Pete Gurney, Terry McNally and Neil LaBute have had. (Cite your own examples. And making the list of most-produced scripts in *American Theatre* every year is no guarantee of long-term respect. Bobo certainly doesn't have a better or more articulate candidate in mind.Ironically, Kushner (with Spielberg's *Munich* and upcoming Abe Lincoln project) has been working more in movies than in the theater. Let's look forward to when he starts writing playscripts again.)


Terry Teachout of the WSJ weighs in as well.

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