Tuesday, November 11, 2008

*Together Again for the First Time*

at Spokane Interplayers Ensemble, Nov. 20-Dec. 6
Tickets: $10-$21
by Reed McColm

Set in Spokane at Christmas; first written in 1985. Comic in-fighting ensues when two middle-aged newlyweds (McColm himself and Karen Kalensky), who have already been married for seven years, bring their young-adult children together (again, for the first time) for the holidays. "Matters only get worse with the unexpected arrival of an ex-boyfriend, an unannounced television broadcast, and the revelation of a dark family secret." The 85-minute straight-to-DVD movie version, filmed last year in Provo, Utah, was released on Oct. 28. McColm's 23-year-old play is receiving its first professional stage production here, at just about the same time as the movie's premiere -- which may be some kind of world record. Buy the DVD here. More info here. A review is here.

directed by Jack Bannon
The Interplayers cast includes:
Reed McColm, Karen Kalensky, Damon Abdallah, Thomas Stewart, Jimmy Pendleton, Christine Cresswell, Bethany Hart, Maggie Wicken, Micah Hanson

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At November 12, 2008 6:56 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the play / movie that Patty Duke was to star in....


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