Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Theatrical meltdown

What do you get when 18 bazillion inches of snow thaw inside of five minutes? (As he writes, Bobo's thermometer reads 45 degrees.)
Flooding at the Civic.
The Studio Theatre and some offices were wet enough today to require bailing out with buckets.
A press release will soon follow, but ... even after the biblical plagues of fire, boiler repair and remodeling, there must've been at least one calamity left. What's left, locusts?
Anyway, keep the Civic in your charitable thoughts.

Paraphrased from the press release:
The Studio's under an inch of water.
Ice dams above the main lobby and admin. offices have caused damage.
Pumping out the main plumbing well, sandbagging, purchasing a sump pump, dry vacs and additiional snow removal all adds up to something in the neighborhood of $20,000. The Civic's Emergency Winter Repairs Fund needs your help (and contribution).

Meanwhile, the shows will go on: *Cuckoo's Nest" this Friday at 8 pm and "The Women of Lockerbie* in the Studio on Jan. 30 at 8 pm. (Their joke is that life jackets will not be required.)

1 comment:

  1. The Show goes on at Civic. Well done!
    Meanwhile across town at Interplayers the bad weather from 2 weeks ago forces closing the doors on a simple reading production that was scheduled to open next week. What wimps!

    Or... Is "Bad Weather" Just a convenient excuse for managements inability to stage another production on time.

    Now tell me again. Who is the Professional theatre in this town?