Friday, March 06, 2009

Jane Alexander-Bobby Jindal smackdown

Why $50 million for the arts in the stimulus package matters.

To repeat: The opening number in *Spamalot* may make fun of the Finns and their fisch-schlapping, but per capita government arts spending in Finland is 200 times* what it is the in the United States. Two hundred times.
(*as of 2007)


  1. You can afford to spend tons of money on art when you depend on the U.S. for your national defense.

    I suppose when Russia comes knocking on Finland's door, and Obama is unable to help (because he had gutted the U.S. military), Finland will be forced to reevaluate her priorities.

  2. Round numbers, the NEA's budget is 50 cents for every American.
    Most recent DoD budget was $515 billion. That's $1,700 for every American.
    If by "gutting" you mean cutting off funding for unwanted programs as Robert Gates advises

    -- well, then, you're right: Obama is gonna do nothin' but just gut the U.S. military.