Tuesday, March 24, 2009

*Waiting for Godot* at Interplayers, March 26-April 11

Samuel Beckett's "tragicomedy in two acts" in which "nothing happens, twice"
*En Attendant Godot* was composed in French from Oct. 1948-Jan. 1949, so in a sense, the play is 60 years old
But its premiere wasn't until Jan. 1953, in Paris.
English-language premiere: Aug. 1955, in London.
(The title's often mispronounced: The emphasis is on the first syllable -- GOD-oh -- to rhyme with Irish "boyo," slang for "friend" and often used dismissively, as when an American man addresses another adult male as his "buddy.")

directed by Karen Kalensky
with Reed McColm (Estragon, "Gogo"), Jonn Jorgensen (Vladimir, "Didi"), Damon Abdallah (Pozzo), Michael Maher (Lucky) and Keith Hahto (The Boy)

Lights by Justin Schmidt, set by Dan Polzin, sound by Karen Kalensky; stage managed by Ginny Abdallah

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At March 27, 2009 12:22 PM , Blogger ginnya said...

We are pronouncing Godot as Gah d'oh after much debate. Originally we were going to pronounce it as God oh as you refer to it, but decided to go with the with the pronunciation most people here in Spokane go with-- sorry to disappoint!


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