Monday, May 04, 2009

Local playwrights at the Civic, June 5-6

The Civic has rebooted its Playwrights Festival Forum with a "Harnetiaux and Hosking Weekend":

On Friday-Saturday, June 5-6, at 8 pm
Bryan Harnetiaux's Holding On — Letting Go (the third part of his end-of-life trilogy that began with Vesta and Dusk), in a workshop reading.

On Saturday, June 6, at 2 pm
Sandra Hosking's Detours, "a full-length comedy about succumbing to the pressures of working in the corporate world. A journey of self-discovery reveals an array of crazy characters and a realization that office life doesn't bring true happiness." (directed by Toni Cummins)

at the Civic's Studio Theater

{ photo: Bryan Harnetiaux, from Duke Divinity School,; *Vesta* was produced and talk-backed at Duke in spring 2008 ]

[ photo: Sandra Hosking, from Get Lit! at ]

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