Wednesday, June 03, 2009

They're tired of waiting for that boring Godot guy

They just want somebody to break out into song.
Any song. They don't really care if it's any good. Just something happy, and that takes our mind off our troubles.

Sunday's Tonys telecast is going to be even more frustrating than usual.
Just look at the list of award winners who won't be shown on TV, just so we can squeeze in another big production number from Mamma Mia! or 9 to 5 or Jersey Boys or Legally Blonde.
Kevin Spacey has called the CBS bigwigs a bunch of [very bad words].
Because, as everybody knows, Shrek: The Musical is way better than that slavery play (by August Wilson) that the Obamas flew down to New York to see last week.

That's where the future of American theater, and the Tonys, lies.

ADDED June 4:
The L.A. Times' critics weighs in with should win/will win's.

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