Tuesday, September 08, 2009

audition for *Dracula*

at Lake City Playhouse, 1320 E. Garden Ave. in CdA, tonight from 6-9 pm
and on Wednesday, Sept. 9, at the same time
the Steven Dietz script (a faithful and scary adaptation of Bram Stoker's novel) will be directed by Rebecca McNeill
Cold readings.
Callbacks on Thursday, Sept. 10.
Five women (ages 18-30) and seven men (ages 18-60) needed.
Performances: Oct. 29-Nov. 8.
Call (208) 667-1323.
[ photo: Bram Stoker, from 21stcenturyabe.org ]


  1. Brian:
    see my comments on the NEXT posting ...

  2. Thanks for the posting! We ended up getting a very solid cast put together by Thursday night. Dave Rideout will be playing Dracula, David Carey is Renfield, Micah Lynn (Hanson) is Mina, Danielle Reyes is Lucy, Chris Schwartz is Van Helsing, Tony Howerton is Harker, and Ryan Squires is Seward. And, of course, assorted vixens, maids and attendants will be gracing the stage as well.

    Everyone is off reading the novel as their first assignment. I love this adaptation because of its adherence to the original story. I'm not a vampire fan, and I don't care for the whole Twilight fanaticism, but I do love a good book turned into a captivating human drama.

    Thanks again for the announcement!