Friday, September 11, 2009

audition for *A Little Princess* in CdA, Oct. 5-6

Auditions for Lake City Playhouse’s *A Little Princess* will be held on Monday-Tuesday, Oct. 5-6, from 4-8 pm at the Harding Family Center, 411 N. 15th St.
Directors: Laura Little and Emily Bayne
Prepare a one-minute song; bring sheet music or a backtrack.
Callbacks: Wednesday, Oct. 7
Call: (208) 667-1323
In Frances Hodgson Burnett's novel, Sara Crewe struggles to survive in a London boarding school during World War II. (It's kind of like "Annie," only a decade later and across the pond. Sara has to say goodbye to her father, a captain in the Royal Air Force, and the leader of Miss Minchin's school turns out to be a bit like Miss Hannigan.)
[ book cover: from Michigan's Allendale Civic Theater ]


  1. I don't mean to be nitpicky, but I'm pretty sure that the novel was written pre-WWI and actually involved one of the Great Britain-India occupational wars. The Shirley Temple film adaptation updated the novel to be set in WWII, and this script uses the same technique, but that was not the original setting of the novel. Forgive me - I'm just a slave to the text.

  2. Actually, even the Shirley Temple movie was pre WWII (1939) and was still set in the Victorian period during the Boer War.
    I'm surprised to see that there even is an adaptation for a 1940s time period because some of the plot themes don't translate so well (scullery servants, the colonial Indian manservant). You could still say it's like Annie, but 50 year earlier with big hair bows and porcelain dolls.

  3. Thanks, Ryan. I shouldn't have said anything about the movie version, because I've never actually seen it. I only know the book.

    Maybe it could be set during the Iraq war so that the colonialism made more sense? Maybe I should stop sabotaging my daughter's chances of getting cast by being snarky on Bobo's blog?