Friday, October 09, 2009

Video preview of *String of Pearls* at the Civic

Watch the video here (which is at

Michele Lowe's String of Pearls is a mixed-mood play, both funny and sad, about how a particular bit of jewelry intersects with the lives of 27 women drawn from a wide variety of ages and backgrounds (and spanning the last 40 years).
It will be performed at Spokane Civic Theatre's downstairs Studio Theatre on Thursdays-Sundays from Oct. 23-Nov. 15.

Here's a video preview with Inlander writer Michael Bowen interviewing director Susan Hardie and with three members of the five-woman cast — Jean Hardie, Tami Rotchford and Kate Vita — rehearsing and performing snippets from scenes.
Watch the video here ( which is at ).

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At October 09, 2009 12:16 PM , Blogger Bobo the Theater Ho said...

HATE the close-up of me with cheesy grin about a minute in.
Believe me, it was worse: We needed a cut-in there to cover a weak audio edit, and so that was our fix.
Many thanks to George Green for helping set this up. Susan Hardie was just great on-camera. Thanks, too, to all three actresses who were there that day.
This was a first attempt with many weaknesses. We'll continue attempting video previews, but they're labor-intensive; maybe we can find a way to reduce the time commitment.
My quick reaction? WAY less Bobo, and much more of the scenes in progress.
It was SO helpful that actors were off-book for short scenes (only 30 secs. or so) so that we could film them in progress, even only in the second week of rehearsals.


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