Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Short plays at Auntie's, Nov. 14

Eight short plays by Sandra Hosking and Nick Stokes
in an evening called "Hit & Run II"
on Saturday, Nov. 14, at 2 pm
at Auntie's Bookstore, 402 W. Main Ave.
E-mail debutpromotions@cs.com or call 838-0206.

Nick Stokes is a Tacoma playwright. Sandy Hosking is co-playwright in residence at Spokane Civic Theatre; she has an MFA from EWU, is editor of Inland NW Homes & Lifestyles magazine, and has had her plays produced all over the U.S. and Canada.

In Stokes' two plays, sisters lie to each other and a couple relaxes at the beach.
In Hosking's six plays, an atheist seeks converts, Vikings have to downsize, a former couple's reunion is bittersweet, and a man must pay a ridiculous tax (among much else).
In addition, Hosking's 7-year-old son will recite a poem entitled "My Bug."

Actors at this staged reading will include Tony and Maria Caprile, Penny Lucas, Will Lund, Emily Hiller, Nina Kelly and Molly Parish. 

[photo: Nick Stokes, from artisttrust.org;
also from digital.library.upenn.edu -- "The Landing of the Vikings," from a 1917 book by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall called This County of Ours: The Story of the United States]

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  1. Thanks for the plug, Bobo. One clarification, my son wrote the poem which will be given a dramatic reading by Penny Lucas and Will Lund.