Thursday, February 04, 2010

Support shown

Sold out, three-quarters-full, nearly sold out ā€” that's the report from Interplayers' three fund-raising performances of A.R. Gurney'sĀ Love Letters. Ellen Travolta and Jack Bannon donated their skills so that all receipts went toward keeping the theater's doors open. Best of all, playgoers opened their checkbooks and made additional donations.
Recession, gloom, nobody cares, blah blah ā€” and yet there's a cohort of folks around here who want local theater to flourish. Travolta reports that after a similar, previous fund-raising performance, Bannon wrote Gurney to express how much that script moves listeners ā€” and that Gurney wrote back in thanks.
We struggle. But the struggle's worth it.

[ photo: Gurney, from ]

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