Sunday, January 30, 2011

*Spelling Bee* preview and review: links

Over at Bloglander, The Inlander's scrolling moshpit of various blogs, you can read Q&A interviews with two cast members from Spokane Civic Theatre's current production (through Feb. 20) of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee: Lance Babbitt as William Barfee and Maureen Kumakura as Rona Lisa Perretti.
And then — be warned! — a VERY LONG, blow-by-blow account of how opening night went.


  1. Bobo,
    Why in the world did you feel the need to give almost everything away in this review? All the jokes, all the events?

  2. Well, it IS advertised as "very long" and "blow-by-blow." With all the time stamps — and at 3,000 words — I figured, if readers are worried about spoilers, they'd just stop reading.

    And the show HAS been locally produced before.
    I didn't reveal who wins, and I only directly quoted, I think, two of the sentences that spellers are given (and the show changes from night to night).
    Thanks for your comment __ I hate spoilers, too. Really sorry if this ruined it for you.
    I've only done the time-stamp thing twice before: for South Pacific at the INB and Alegria at the Arena, both short engagements. But this show runs, like, four weeks and will return, abbreviated, in March (so this is a different case).
    Sorry, but I really thought I gave fair warning ....