Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Michael Weaver is moving to Seattle

For 23 years, he has been a major player in theater around here. It's not as if we're losing him completely — "I'll be coming back, you know," he says — but you can't help but feel as if a chapter in Spokane theater is coming to a close.
He'll get work — his resume's pretty good, after all — but much of that work will be in states far-flung from here.
Break a leg, Michael.
As for you Stage Thrust readers: Any recollections of favorite Michael Weaver performances?

(photo: M.W. promoting *Souvenir* at KPBX with a copy of some truly awful singing by Florence Foster Jenkins)

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  1. I really believed that Michael was a creepy little 8 yr. old when he was 'Miles' in "Turn of the Screw" at InterPLAYERS. Also liked him in "Drawer Boy" and "Tuna" at ART. What I'll miss most(and others will too, I think) was his play selection. He seemed to really know how to pick 'em.