Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vipers with notepads ... not so viperish?

In Fugard's *Exits and Entrances,* Andre Huguenet refers to critics in that way. But Chris Wilkinson in Britain's
The Guardian makes the point that local critics have their place: they know their regional audiences, aren't as jaded as the national critics, and so on.
This is an ENTIRELY self-serving post, I know.
But local arts coverage — truly — is going to be the salvation of print. That and local sports. (And the I Saw You's.)
Because where else are you going to get them? National and international news, state-level news, local weather, crossword puzzles -- you can get all those online, anytime.
Alt-weeklies like *The Inlander* are well-positioned: free, locally focused on the arts ... and with our new Website to launch in Jan. (this blog will be fed into a mega-blog of about three other Inlander blogs -- separable from the rest, but appearing on the start page, apparently), increasingly more responsive and less bound to once-a-week schedules.
On the other hand, says
Michael Riedel of the N.Y. Post, critics don't matter anymore — only bloggers do.

(Honore Daumier, The Critic:)

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