Tuesday, August 10, 2010

If you're in the mood for catty ...

Patti LuPone’s memoirs come out on Sept. 14, published by Crown.
In 1976, she appeared in the title role of Stephen Schwartz’s The Baker’s Wife, which flopped on Broadway and eventually died on the road.

A snip from the Publisher’s Weekly capsule preview of the book:
“LuPone is the ultimate backstage gossip, and she never pulls her punches: During the ill-fated Baker's Wife, she despised actor Chaim Topol ("an asshole") and had little enthusiasm for his replacement, Paul Sorvino ("like having Howdy Doody at Auschwitz").

And people say Bobo is a harsh critic …

[ photo: Lupone in that same show, 34 years ago; from pattilupone.net ]

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